1st aid needed!

rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)June 11, 2010

I had a really productive bin for the past year. Went on vacation and came back to rock hard bedding. I thought I had watered my kitchen bin before I left but guess not. I have a wood multi tray bin....found a few hearty souls in the center....about 2% of what was. I broke up the chunk, watered, layed moist cardboard on top, and added a cut up banana peel.

Any tips to "resuscitate" my wormie population? Any special food or other additives that they particularly love? Any mineral additives? Thanks in advance for any help!

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If the worms laid cocoons, which they probably did, you could be ok. I would water the bedding and let nature take it's course. - Jim

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rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)

Thanks Jim for responding. I remember reading that they liked pumpkin, so maybe I will add some baby food. So much work and anticipation for the past year and then...poof!...gone in a week. *sigh*

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It all dried out in a week? Wow! Is the bin out in the sun or something?

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