Vines for hanging baskets

dazed77(6)June 3, 2005

Hi, I want to plant some vines in hanging baskets for the porch. Was wondering what would be nice for hanging baskets? So far I have morning glory and creeping gloxinia or asarina erubescens. I am not sure these work well with hanging baskets but I am open to suggestions.

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These are not vines, but do well in hanging planters. Impatients, Tuberous Begonias, Coleus,Geraniums,Rose Moss,Wandering Jew,Ivy, Spider Plant,and Philodendron :) Arum

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:) there's also something they're calling 'curry plant' (a helichrysum) that has silver foliage, a cascading habit, and smells lovely :)

sweet potato vines are amazing, vigorous, and fun- purple leaves are always fun!

in your neck of the world, anything 'drought resistant' will work in a basket- even bouganvilla :)

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nasturtiums!! and they are edible, as well. i had a "climbing" nasturtium that spread everywhere but up. it was gorgeous and would drape beautifully.

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Stellinate(5 OH)

A newer plant (I think) called trailing snapdragons are lovely. My sister has some in baskets lopping over the sides and I just love them.

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Thanks for your replies! Arum, i am getting some coleus seeds, so maybe I will try those in the hanging basket. My impatients and begonieas are not doing too well, so I don't think I will try those. Rose moss is a definite consideration.

Chinacat, I have another type of curry plant, not the same as the one you listed though. I don't think I will get that one down here. I liked the idea of silver foliage though! We do have lots of bougainvilleas growin already and believe me they are difficult to control after some time, esp with the thorns.

Fairy toadmother, I looked up nasturiums and they look gorgeous! I will try to get the seeds.

Stellinate, is trailing snapdragon the same as creeping gloxinia or is it twining snapdragon. The botanical name is asarina erubescens.. I have lots of those seedlings growing.

Thanks again

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

For sunny areas, I have calibrachoa (million bells) in baskets -- some of them are trailing about three feet!

I don't have a picture of mine yet, but here's a URL to show you what I mean:

For shady areas, I have torenia (wishbone flower). I'd never seen it before, but to me it looks like a mutant cross between a Johnny Jump-Up (coloring) and a Snapdragon (flower shape). They are also supposed to trail like the calibrachoa, but I only recently planted babies (bought the calibrachoa already filled out) so mine aren't to that stage yet. But the hanging baskets at the nursery had torenia baskets all filled out and probably draping about 1-2 feet from the top of the basket. It comes in different colors, but I mainly got the Cataline Blue in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Torenia / Wishbone Flower - Catalina Blue

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dazed, (love that btw, i always feel "dazed") if you get the nasturtium seeds, soak them prior to planting. probably the way you would treat any hard seed like morning glories, etc. better yet, used weak tea water and a teaspoon of dishsoap to about a cup of water. this worked great on my cardinal climber seeds!

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Thanks again for your replies. Imahockeymom, thats just beautiful...I wonder how they got it so bushy and full and even? How many seedlings and how far apart do I have to space them to get that effect?

Fairy toadmother, I got that name after friends of mine commented that there are times when I just look all dazed out!

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

DAZED, were you talking about the calibrachoa or the torenia?

The calibrachoa is probably only about 4-5 plants -- I'll try to remember to check my baskets at home that the nursery put together... those are fully bushed out and trailing already, just like the URL I listed. (and if they're not completely even all the way around, the plant doesn't mind if you snip some off to even it up... that's what they do at the nursery)

The torenia I would guess that a 8"-10" basket is probably about the same -- 4-5 plants. (I bought these as babies, and they're not yet to trailing size.) The nature of these things is that they get bushy and they drape... I'd compare them to the nature of Wave Petunias or Supertunias. The babies that I bought have already bushed out quite a bit, and I only transplanted them into my containers a week ago. I'd guess they'll start to tip over in another week if they keep up at this rate!

If you're interested in the number of torenia babies to make a bushy basket, I'll sneak a peek the next time I'm in the nursery, or I'll ask their floor manager if I happen to bump into her at our kids' preschool (she's my plant guru lady!). And if anyone was wondering if they REALLY thrive in shade, I can give a wholehearted YES answer to that! Mine are thriving and I see new buds forming already, and they barely see the light of day under the shade of mature oak trees, my garage wall, and the side of my house. If only they were perennial, I think I'd be in heaven!!! ;o)

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LaurelLily(9a Houston, TX)

My morning glories, shell/snail plant, and sweet peas are more interested in climbing up the hook of the basket, than trailing down the sides (that's ok, I just hung one on an arbor and the other on a shepherd's hook and they're vining around those). Bougainvilla is great in a basket, and the mourning dove that likes to nest in ours is on her second batch of eggs this year. Other ones I've had good results with, are English Ivy, Wandering Jew, petunias, mint, dwarf hibiscus, pentas, impatiens, and pentas (the hummingbirds love pentas, and they also like tall plants, so these are great in baskets that you can hang up high. I've had anoter mourning dove nest in one of the pentas, too). My favorite baskets, though, are always ones where the plant spills out over the sides and trails down. (Can you tell I have a LOT of hanging baskets? We have some overhangs at our house where I put up a bunch of hooks and really went nuts with the hanging baskets). I'm planning my next vine hanging basket to be mandevilla.

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Thank you all! Imahockeymom, I'm sorry I was talking about the torenia pic you posted. I love how it looks, all bushy and full and even. I hope I come across these seeds. I will ask my sister to get some for me. For now I have decided on the creeping gloxinia (asarina) because I already have the seedlings. I planted 4 of them in a 10G hanging basket. Supposedly they are quick growers. Will post a pic when they grow!

Laurellily, You must have a beautiful display of hanging baskets, so many different varieties! How do u control your bougainvillea in a basket? Is it a different variety? I never thought of mint in a hanging basket! I have some growing in the backyard! The same goes for pentas! My morning glories are growing aginst a wall. I built some kind of trellis to support it.

Thanks again

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