Insects attacked my grape vines! Help, please!

WaveguideJune 20, 2013

We've just planted grape vines, and now all leaves have holes because insects ate through them...

I am attaching of pictures of insects that we've found on the leaves. It also shows how the leaves are eaten though...

Is there a way to save my grape vines?

I would be very thankful for any help!

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You've chosen not to reveal your location - it would be helpful to others if you could reply with your state or region so that people with local knowledge or experience in a similar climatic zone can better help you.
It is a little hard to see the insects/grubs to tell what they are, I doubt that they are going to kill the vines, just mess up the leaves.
How big are the vines since they are only newly planted and is it possible for you to remove the insects by hand - wiping off, or with a blast from a hose?

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Thank you for your reply!. We are in Dallas, TX . The vines are small, we just planted them this spring, therefore I am afraid that the insects will kill it. So far all we did was to sprinkle the leaves with the water from a hose, as you have suggested. We have other plants in our back-yard (flowers, bushes, pomegranates) - but the insects attacked specifically this plant...

I hope that you are right and that the insects (or are they bugs?) will not destroy the whole plant. So far, there is no leave that does not have holes in it...

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If you have a Farmers Co-op in your area they will sell you a poison to rid you of these pest. I spray only as needed. Brand name - Bonide - Fruit Tree Spray - Grapes are listed on the label.

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