2012 Grow Season

UrbanFarm210March 1, 2012

Hey guys my name is Daniel and I started UrbanFarm210. Im still a young sprout when it comes to gardening (started mid summer last year) so Im really looking forward to a full grow season. Ill be keeping a video journal on my YouTube channel UrbanFarm210 and would appreciate all the feedback and advice I can get. Here's a link to my first video this year check it out!


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Looks fishy to me.

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yes, that url doesn't look right with the . between the u and b!

Its not a real youtube url, that's for sure..

but I did a search on UrbanFarm210 and found there are some youtube videos out there, among some other stuff. :)

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Sorry guys thats the link that YouTube gave me and it works for me. Like melvalena said just search UrbanFarm210 and you'll see all my videos. Not the best but they are sure to improve. Not sure how its fishy.. other than my aquaponics.. but hey Im open to scrutiny.. Thanks for taking the time to look Melvalena!

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

UrbanFarm210 - we sometimes get advertising which is not allowed, and possible "open the link and get a surprise....virus!" on this forum and I thought the same thing Melvelena did about the URL, so was afraid to try to go there. And I did see that you just joined the forum the same day which is an indication of advertising or worse. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, and hate to have to watch out for spammers etc., but it happens.

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