leachate --can I use it?

anewgardenJune 6, 2007

I have a fairly new worm farm, my first. Everything is going well.

Is the liquid at the bottom of a layered worm farm, leachate, considered compost tea? If not can I still use it? Can it be simply diluted then sprayed on plants? Or must it be brewed in some way?

I have read conflicting advice on this matter.



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squeeze(z8 BC)

the leachate is leachate, not tea, and should be added back to the bin .... but the first order of business is to change your management to eliminate leaching, it's an indication the bin [at least the lower part] is too wet


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Thank you Bill. So you would not do what the BluePlanet Co. suggests? They make a composter. Below are part of their directions:

How and when to use compost "leachate"?

The "leachate" will be only as good as the compost from which it comes. A high-grade compost will bring the soil a wide variety of beneficial organisms, including fungi, protozoa, nematodes and bacteria.

By definition, composting is an aerobic process that requires air. So does the compost "leachate". The liquid collected in the composter base should ideally be pumped out at least once a week with the manual pump provided. Mix the "leachate" with water (which has rested 24 hours in the open to eliminate traces of chlorine if the water comes from a treatment plant) in a ratio of about 8:1, eight parts water to one part "leachate". Use for watering trees, flowers, houseplants and vegetables.

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I have taken your advice and added more dry, brown matter to my worm farm.
It all seems much better.

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squeeze: "the leachate is leachate, not tea, and should be added back to the bin ...."

I agree with almost everything squeeze says on this forum, but I can't agree with the above.

Leachate being excess moisture, adding it back to the bin is maintaining excess wetness. Pour it on some plants or a raised bed. Don't use it on edibles if manures are used in the bin.

anewgarden: re the BluePlanet Co's suggestions: Tear those up into smaller pieces and put them in the bin.

Leachate has so little in nutrient value, it would never need dilution. About all it is is colored water.


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I've been collecting the leachate and watering my fig trees and eggplants with it and they seem to love it.

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