When does wisteria bloom?

jerryngeorgia31557(8)June 4, 2009

I had someone send me a wisteria in trade as a bonus and was wondering when it might bloom. It is only about 12 tall and sending out shoots. I have had people tell me 3 yrs, 5 yrs, and 10 yrs. I am not sure what kind it is but would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

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If it is an oriental variety that blooms on old wood, you never know. I've had one for about 10 years and it has not bloomed yet. After extensively studying the subject, the following suggestions may help. To help it bloom earlier, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. Don't give it any nitrogen fertilizer, only phosphate. Prune it in the Spring like you would an apple tree, cutting all of the vines back to a couple of buds. Mid-summer, cut the vines back by a third to a half. Some people root prune and/or strike the lower area of the vines hard with a garden hose or something similar to stress the plant, which sometimes forces it to bloom. The best remedy is to plant an American Variety which blooms on new wood. I have grown the "Blue Moon" Variety because of it's extreme hardiness. I had blooms on the 1 gallon plants that I purchased on-line. Here is the picture of it in it's second year. This year it is now covered with flower buds and is just starting to bloom.

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