Silverlace Vine

gardennut63June 2, 2008

I wanted to know if anyone could help me.I have a Silverlace Vine that bloomed beautifully last summer and grew like crazy.I didn't do anything to it to prepare it for our harsh Iowa winter ,it remained woody over my trelles for the winter and it's now June and it still looks the same.It's wiry and woody and no leaves or blooms.Did it die?If it did it would be almost impossible to cut it down without taking the trelles with it cause it has completely took over it.My husband who loves cutting down stuff insists it's dead but I won't let him touch it.Has anyone else had this problem with Silverlace before? Thanks,Lori

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gata(z5a NH)

Well, I was posed to ask virtually the same question. I do not grow silver lace vine myself, but the garden I am employed to care for has 2 of them. They have been in place for at least 3 or 4 years. I started working there last summer, when the silver lace vines were beautiful - vigorous and full. This spring, one shows absolutely no sign of life, the other has growth from only one of its many "stalks". I have ordered replacements for them...but my question is, do silver lace vines have a reputation for putting on a glorious show one year and then giving up the ghost the next year?
These vines are in NH where we had a record breaking snow fall, but temps weren't significantly lower than usual.. These vines grow right up the side of a house.

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