vermicompost tea

wrigglerJune 5, 2013

Does anyone know if you can make tea without the added ingredients, fish hydrolsate,and Solu-plks and kelp? I bought a "Dirt Simple" areator but those ingredients are on back order and I want tea now!

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You can use just castings and water.

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The 2 purposes of worm tea are to be able to get the critters on plant surfaces and, most importantly, to multiply the critters exponentially so you'll be getting more bang for your buck.

As the life in the brewing tea expands, it needs something to grow on and unsulfured molasses is the simplest thing to use. It works well, too.

I quit brewing AVCT in large containers (5 gal pails, etc) long ago. Gallon jugs give me more vertical air flow and I don't use tea bags either. Of course, I'm only brewing for my lawn and small garden area. I do, however, brew tea about every other day during spring/summer.

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I usualy add nothing other than rain water , molasses and air.

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How much molasses per 5 lb bucket?

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