Peeking in OP's Bins

equinoxequinoxJuly 30, 2010

Boy Scout Popcorn Kick off at a Scout Hall. At the end of the meeting I noticed 5 huge Steralite see through bins. Egads! Vermicomposting. I had to open a bin and have a peak. Sticking my nose into Other Peoples Bins I saw 95% coffee grounds, a few whole paper towels, whole bagels, and whole toast. I smelled nothing, not even coffee. I wanted to leave a post it note, "Please feed me egg carton." They were not too wet or too dry. I had no claw and saw no worms. A church recently started to rent the hall on Sundays and I bet this is from after church coffee and snacks. Glad to see vermicomposting in the world. Interesting how some vermicomposts are 100% shreded office paper and others nearly 100% coffee grounds. All Good.

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

I wish I could peek!
I found someone in town through another website who keeps worms, and we had fun looking through bins. So different, but both fine.

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I would have a hard time letting someone look through my bin right now. They're not really established yet and I don't have a ton of worms. Now, if I had a great one that was a couple weeks away from being harvested, I would be all about showing off. :)

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