First Year Growing Purple Bell Vine

sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)June 4, 2008

Hello. I paid an outrageous amount for less than a dozen purple bell vine seeds and only ONE survived. IÂd like to show it off at my familyÂs shared vegetable plot by planting near the tomatoes. I have two 5 X 10 pipe trellis supports, side by side that arch with netting stretched over them. At the base of each, IÂve created about a 2Â tall raised bed from cinder blocks. ThereÂs about a foot gap between the two raised beds. Was thinking I could plant the vine there, in the ground (not the raised bed) but eventually train it up to the trellis. The tomatoes already have a head start and are planted higher up. IÂm thinking by the time the vine begins to flourish, it will be time to prune the tomato leaves. However, IÂm a bit worried that this vine will be too aggressive (like Morning Glory) and may get out of hand quickly. IÂve always grown flowers in the vegetable garden because they attract pollinators and are attractive, but I donÂt want to jeopardize tomato production. What yÂall think? And thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

Still a "youngin" compared to the tomatoes.

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Grew this vine one year from seed - direct seeding in late April. The first blooms arrived in late September, 2 weeks before the frost. Based on my wretched experience, "taking over" is the last thing you have to worry about. Purple Bell vine and Chilean Glory Vine (Eccremocarpus scaber) may make an appearance in my garden again, but only if I start with plants. And keep them in pots so they can winter over.

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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

Thanks for letting me know. Probably going to keep it potted.

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