Basement composting and increased ventilation

barb333(5)July 5, 2010

Greetings, I have a double rubber maid worm bin with large drainage holes covered in wire mesh, with additional large holes also covered in mesh at the top of the bin. The bin is in a window less basement that gets no natural air circulation. I rarely use my AC, due to my desire to reduce my carbon footprint (that's my thing). Is it OK to place a fan at a distance to increase circulation and reduce some of the condensate in the bin? I live in Southern Wisconsin and the summers here are fairly hot an humid. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I am learning that a basement is a great place for worms. They seem to appreciate the stable temperatures more than any exact temp.

If you want to help dry out the bin, placing a fan so it blows across the surface of the bin will help the moisture evaporate. But I am not sure that your bin needs more air circulation alone if it's just going to be the basement air re-circulating.

Why not place a large box fan in the doorway to the basement and blow some of the cool basement air into your living area? This will also bring some of the warmer, fresher air downstairs.

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Greetings fellow Southern Wisconsin worm raising taxpayer. I also have my worm bins in the basement with very little natural light. I have forced air and I keep the fan running constantly. I use the a/c a fair amount in the hot humid weather and I also have a dehumidifier that kicks in when needed. I don't think the worms mind the humidity but taking the excess moisture out of the air will help prevent things from growing mold, etc.

I'm thinking of declaring my worms as dependents on my Wis. income tax statements. Do you think it will work?

Dave Nelson

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No amount of electricity used to blow around air inside of a sealed balloon will dry out the air.

To "reduce some of the condensate in the bin" add absorbant bedding material such as cardboard.

Some feel a properly running bin produces zero dripping.

A fan would work to move the dampness out of the bin and into the rest of the items in the basement.

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Finding the right moisture balance takes some time, just keep trying. I have an indoor bin (wood) and do run my AC when it's hot and humid. But there's a ceiling fan in the kitchen going top speed at all times too. So it's not that there's not enough air circulation. My bin does seem to get hot though. I have been stirring the trays when I think the temps are a little too high and that seems to help for a couple days. I sometimes think things just get a little too compact as the worms are working and they need a little help. It's not too wet and not too dry. No stink and no mold. I'm still working with getting the temps and moisture level just right. I always know when something is really wrong because I have jail breaks. Otherwise the worms seem to be happy. Maybe I worry too much. Just keep a close eye on the bin as you're trying new things. You'll find the right balance. Oh and remember that some foods carry more water than others, so try to keep a good balance.

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antoniab(5 WofChicago,IL)

I live in Rockford IL, and have my bins in the basement too, and I also don't use the AC much. My bins drip. I keep them a consistent damp with bedding, but there is always some condensation on the lid. If there is too much, I add bedding, but a little is OK with me and the worms. I go more by if there is leachate coming out the bottom. A drop of leachate now and then is fine, but not much more than that.

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Kind regards to all who took the time to respond. Your experiences, especially those in my climate and tax zone are appreciated. Regards, barb333

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