Sickly Honeysuckle

mattkimeJune 5, 2008

I planted the honeysuckle vine last summer and it lost most of its leaves by fall. It looks like its having the same problem.

Any ideas what it is and how best to fix it?

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Go to Walmart and buy Rose Spray in a can, about 3.00.
Cut off any deformed flowers, and EARLY in the morning spray it real good, even under the leaves if possible.
If it doesn't look alot better in 7 days, spray it again, early in the morning.
In the fall, when it starts to get cold, spray it real good again. The bugs live on the honeysuckle woody stems, so spray them real good.
Then next spring, in April, spray again real good.
I only had to spray mine once this spring so far, it really will look good when you spray it.
DOn't worry, it will look like a new plant. Rmember, Rose spray, cheap and works wonders.
Good Luck!
CHeck out the other thread on the forum also, right below this one.

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What is in this rose spray? I thought it was a fungicide.

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