Have you seen the Japanese MG's on ebay?!?!?!?

ARUM(7)June 24, 2005

Man O day, what beautiful MG's!!! Have you seen em? Double Red Picotee, and so many wonderful colors I can't believe it!!! Gotta have some for 2006!!!! How bout you, have you been bitten by the MG bug YET????? :) Arum

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oh, arum, i am sorry. i use deep garden off! to repel mg's :)

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U don't know what you're missing! :) Arum

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probably so :(

they do grow and cover a trellis nicely. but, then i have seedlings i have to pull for the next millenia!

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Imagine , _ ALL those gifts! I jsut can't pull em up! :) Arum

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dh certainly frowns when he finds them in HIS lawn. i ahve had to fight for every inch of flower bed i have, so sometimes i just gotta pull! or it will be the last war on earth between the two of us. :)

can i have some of your positive attitude? pretty please, with an mg on top, on bottom, sides, inside, outside...

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OK FAIRYTOADMOTHER, YOU ARE NOW ZAPPED WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! You LOVE MG'S. You can now prepare for a war with your DH. :) arum

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i feel like i am in a self-help seminar! now, if only their blooms would stay open on cloudy days. better yet, the best combo of an mg and moonflower that is open and fragrant during the day. what am i saying! hybrids never retain the fragrance of the original.

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EmmaGrace(8a East-Texas)

Ok fairy_toadmother - I'm gonna jump in here.
YES, there are MG seeds that will make you crazy coming up all over the place. . .
BUT, there are also MG's that you sit with your hand out waiting for the seeds.....LOL
Seriously, there are MANY, MANY MG's that do not spit out seeds and come up uninvited. I am living proof.
I have at least 400 vines growing this year - mostly Ipomoea nils - Japanese Morning Glories.
These are all exquisite beauties and a very pleasant addition to your garden.
Send me an email and I'll send you some of my AWESOME JMG's.
Most are my Crosses that are sooooooo to die for.
And, YEP!
I also have many that will bloom on Cloudy Days.
I have one that is one of my many crosses that has grown back TRUE this year making it three years in a row.
This only means IT'S A 'REAL' NEW VARIETY!
It is the most awesome Blue you have seen. On cloudy days at the end of the day it turns to a Deep Mauve *-*

Warning, IF you do write me, you will need to be prepared to become another JMG lover.....LOL
Emma in Texas


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Heck, I'll tell her!

Emma got me hooked a couple of years back...and I in turn had a friend in Japan send numerous varieties from there.

I have since traded and gave lots of those out and weaned myself off of them. No room and never enough time...and if I really want something to plant I know Emma will share :o)

BUT...I still keep my yellow ipomoea ochracea growing.

Hey Emma...how is your i. ocharacea doing? It will soon be the fall season...I have high hopes for lots of blooms this year. I do wish our weather would cooperate though...this 100 degree heat is harsh...but even so...those vines are still growing like wildfire. I'm fixing to rename them i. Ochracea Audrey III!!! They have taken over the southeast side of my house as well as two trellises I'd set there until I could figure out where to put them (can't move 'em now!) and they have also crawled under my side gate and worked their way along the east wall to another trellis I have on that side of the house.

~ Cat

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Emma is right! You start out with a couple and before you know it you want to cover the house, garage, the neighbors fence and every tree in the yard with morning glories. The Ms won't let have any more seeds because I'm ploting to cover both neighbors fences with them already (I have the house and garage and some of the trees covered already).

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EmmaGrace(8a East-Texas)

Hey Cat,
My I. ochracea is growing like CRAZY....
But, unfortunantly - and as you know, I have to keep mine in a container so I can over-winter my vines each year.
Lucky you in Zone 9 with yours crawling all over your house....LOL
The vines I started last year I am hoping to see blooms on this year.
They are so healthy and happy and I can't wait!
Started more this year as well to keep them going.

Oh, and got my first bloom today from seeds you sent me of
Sunsmile Brown Dwarf Creeper FROM JAPAN
And, you were right - they look exactly like Rose Silk. Really Pretty.

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Fairytoadmother, I think there should be a law to deter Emma and Cat! They have turned me into a Morning Glory addict! I get up early each morning and go outside to see if one has bloomed out yet. And usually there is at least one, because I have them all along the fence, in pots, behind the garadge, growing in gravel behind the carport,( where nothing else will grow), back by the compsost pile,and in cracks in the driveway! I PLANTED them in the cracks! I've truely gone MG weird! I'm growing a million things in my garden, and all I think about is MG"S. My main problem is that if one comes up, it's hard for me to pull it up, no matter where it comes from. And the variety of these vines is amazing, I never realized their were so many kinds. It all started with Heavenly Blue, and I plant it every year despite growing all the other ones. One I am growing of which I don't know the name, I call "Bold Ms Piggy, it is very big,very pink, and very breathtaking. My deep purple has bloomed which I think is "Purple Velvet" , and I'm waiting in the wings for the others. Yes, I am a Morning Glory Holic. Is their a clinic for this? :) Arum

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Someone here on GW had sent me some "Akatsuki No Umi", and I'm impatiently awaiting a bloom. Whenever I wintersow MG's, they normally come up late (these included). Initially, only one had sprouted, but I was determined to have more, so I carefully dug that one out of the container, threw in a spoonful of soil to replace it, and let it sit. Finally, 4 more germinated! After all successfully transplanted, one has FINALLY started moving and climbing. The local nurseries don't have much of a selection of MG's, so purchasing a large plant isn't an option for me. I've never seen any Japanese MG's locally. Out of all the seeds I had winter sown, there was only 2 that I prayed for to germinate, this MG being probably the most important.

I just might be turning into a Japanese MG monster ;)
I have the perfect spot and would really love to display some show stoppers! Last year, I had "Orange Noah", and although it was extremely full, those teeny tiny blooms didn't do it justice. I'm confident that the "Akatsuki No Umi" will thrill me. Here's last years "Orange Noah", the spot where the ANU is currently growing:

I'm off to do a search for some more Japanese MG's, to see what else might thrill me.

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Tracy, sad to say, they don't always germinate. Some very special ones of mine didn't. Emma's "Lavender MIst", and "Beni Chindori". However some of the others did though,so it's all worth it. You may be sorry you planted the "Noah", cos it seeds it'self like mad! I planted it and it still comes up, but I do like it any way. It's hard for me to keep from pulling up ANY MG. :) Arum

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Normally I can't get ANY MG to reseed for me, but I have noticed quite a few "Orange Noah" did. My Cypress Vine also managed to reseed. A few of the ON and CV I've moved, a few ON I've tossed. A few more ON's recently germinated, that I might move. But, the amount of seed that managed to germinate is ALOT lower than I expected. I literally dropped hundreds of seed (not intentionally!) when I was removing the spent vines last year.

I just had to visit Ebay after I posted before; an "oddity" from Wuv'n Acres has me intrigued. But, they're also selling it on their website, so I might give them a try, with a few other seeds ;)

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hmmmm. almost got me, but i am still a skeptic. i will admit to growing cypress vine and cardinal flower. personally, i think they are in disguise since the foliage isn't nearly overwhelming.

i just like having fun with arum :)

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FTM, have you ever grown Heavenly Blue? :) Arum

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Arum, you're right about "Orange Noah". I moved a bunch of seedlings last night, and actually threw out a bunch more. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to regret it, considering I transplanted them to the fence where my gardening-ignorant neighbor has a huge Rose Of Sharon. Bad enough I removed hundreds of those seedlings every year. I can only deadhead his shrub so much :(

I must admit, "Heavenly Blue" is one of my favorites, but I'm not growing it this year. I'd like to try different varieties each year. This year, I gave "Mini Rose Bar" another shot, in place of my previous HB pictured below:

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i am not sure what kind i had. it was a packet of blue ones from the store. and, i had some grandpa ott's i think, at least that is what they; looked like. again, that was over 3 years ago and i still find seedlings! i am still pondering emma's offer, wondering where i would put it so it doesn't compete with my honeysuckle, schizandra, passionflower cerulae i am trying to grow outdoors in the ground for warm season, or cardinal climber. as it is, i don't have trellises for my new honeysuckle and i have plans on placing more trellises. one, is an area i planned to do 2 years ago. i am famous for not following through!

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don't mg blooms open in the morning then close by noon? maybe that is what i didn't like. i am not up early enough to enjoy them :) yep, you read right!

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Tracey, that's one of the prettiest pictures of Morning Glories I've ever seen. :)

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Tracy, don't feel like the "Lone Ranger",I will be digging up the "Noah" till the cows come home. And Tenderheart is right, that MG is very beautiful! I grow the "Mini Bar Rose", and I LOVE it! I think I have it growing in about four different places. :)
FTM, not all MG"S close early. I have one called "Bold MS Piggy", that is very big, very pink, and stays open all day. No kidding.It does get a little ragged looking toward the evening, but it really hangs on through the heat, and believe me it's been HOT here! :) Arum

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cass25(zone 6)

Yes, I purchased Chachamaru seeds from the link below, and I do not know if I should start soaking them now,then plant- or wait until next spring. Should I start them now? June, 31st? If I do not, should I keep them in the fridge over the winter, or in the basement where it is cool/dry?
Can someone advise me on what to do> I am new to this, and I have the beautiful blue morning glories growing now-and purple, red. Something is eating the leaves, there are holes in many of the leaves. i am picking the leaves off, but would like to know what to spray on the MG's to get rid of whatever is eating the leaves. Thank you for any replies.
EBay item 438229551

    Bookmark   July 2, 2005 at 1:11PM
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Well gal, it's kind of late to start them now, don't want to risk loosing them completely. I would keep them cool and dry in the basement, and mark them well so you don't get them mixed up with others. I'm sure you have other eye candy you can injoy this this year. I find that some of the more special MG"s are kind of finicky, and are slow getting started, but it's worth it. Oh, the holes could be Japenese beetles. I don't know if those traps work or not, or if they just attract more. Now someone else may say something more helpful, this is just my thoughts. Take care. :) arum

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Cass, what does your purple red MG look like, besides being purple red? :) arum

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arum, by the first description of bold miss piggy, the name sounds appropriate,lol!

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I'm afraid to say, that name is of my own design. :)

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Japanese Beetle Traps work but not 100% effective. You need to empty traps often or the smell of dead bettles cause to stop being attracted by the trap. It may take several seasons but they will slowly stop being such a nusiance. I'm in season three and have few beetles this year. Sevin works too. I use both and have little beetle damage anymore.

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Well folks, my "Bold Ms Piggy" is blooming, and I'm really pleased to find, that it stays open ALL day, even in the hot sun! Now that's an accomplishment! Although this isn't it's real name, and I don't know what the real name is, i'ts so beautiful, it deserves a name regardless, and this seems to be the most fitting. I have it growing in several places, so I will have TONS of seeds this fall. Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :) Arum

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EmmaGrace(8a East-Texas)

put me at the top of your 'want list'
for your "Bold Ms Piggy".


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Emma, you know that ANY MG I have, or ever come up with is YOURS automaticly! You'll LOVE! this one! :) Arum

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Arum, I'd love some of your "bold MS Piggy" seeds. Have several japanese MG's I received in trade, and quite a few from Emma too.
Emma, sent you an e-mail yesterday, all the MG seeds you sent me are growing, waiting for blooms. Emma's gift bloomed yesterday in the middle of downpours of rain. Just beautiful, and she has a purple stripe on one side. Didn't think I'd see that. How are the cosmos seeds doing.

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found a sneaker! mg foliage blending in with my schizandra berry vine. yeah, i got your (the mg's) under cover tricks :)
pulled a few more from the lawn. it is just amazing! i kid you not, it has been over 3 years since i grew mg's. will my nasturtium reseed? BIG FAT NOOOOO.

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I hope that I have something to trade for your MS Piggy MG seeds this fall.....please keep me on your list...Thanks Janetlee50

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neeli5(Z6 NJ)

Arum, please include me in the list too for MS Piggy MG seeds & if available, lavender and chocolate too (MG seeds..)...sending you an email now. Thanks

    Bookmark   July 19, 2005 at 12:03PM
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Oh boy, - do I have the "Bold Ms. Piggy" MG seeds! I'm so glad, cos I think everyone should grow it, and I only had a few seeds last year. This year I wil have a truck load, but it dosn't make it any less special, cos it's dreamy! "So big, so bold, so beautiful!" Yes Neeli, I'm sure I can arrange for you to get some. However, please remind me when I start trading, cos I forget stuff. :) Arum

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Oh where oh where have these MG addicts gone? :) Arum

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Some pictures to cheer us up!


Tie Die purple next three

Tie Die pink next two

Heavenly Blue


    Bookmark   February 28, 2008 at 8:52PM
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Well I don't know about anybody else but I'm more addicted than ever. I'm still here and still wish we had our own forum!!!

    Bookmark   February 28, 2008 at 8:57PM
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Ronnie, it's nice to see a familiar name! Guess the old crowd has gone to different pastures. Morning Glories still rule! Good to touch base with you! :) Arum

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tepelus, what beautiful pictures, and YES they cheered me and up and put visions of Spring in my head. Thank you! :) Arum

    Bookmark   February 28, 2008 at 9:15PM
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Those are beautiful pics! The only thing I have started so far is sweet peas. But I have many morning glory seeds wating in the wing. I'm going to try some mina lobata in containers with some MGs.I have never grown them before. I saw some JMGs on ebay today. Wow! Would like to try them too.filix

    Bookmark   February 28, 2008 at 9:49PM
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I started my Heavenly blues today and will be starting some red this weekend. i grow in large pots and allow the vine to crawl over wire cages...I love the glories!

    Bookmark   February 29, 2008 at 11:11AM
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filix and naturelover, glad again to touch base with fellow glory lovers! Can't wait till I see some babies growin on my chain link fence. One in particular, "Wisteria Tye Dye", which I grew last year. Heavenly blues are always a favorite. :) Arum

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How can't you love em? I seem to have better results with direct sowing MGs. I will have to start my corkscrew vines and cup and saucer soon. Nice to to hear from you arum. :)

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Hey filix! :) Does everyone what to list the MG's they will be growing this year? Any more pics? Ya know, the Mini Bar rose might be quite common, but it is SO pretty, and the leaves are the prettiest variegation I've seen. I haft to grow that one again.

    Bookmark   March 1, 2008 at 5:03AM
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I had a nice variety last year but am really looking forward to some of the new ones I've picked up. I don't know much about MG's and just grow what I think is pretty. Hamaginga Blue, Turbina Corymbosa, Yellow Merremia Tuberosa, Hige Murasakihigezaki, Hige Sorahigezaki, Hige Akahigezaki, Hige Jamie Lynn, Hige Purple Flaked Shibori and Kikyo-Ao Sky Blue. I grew Gypsy Bride last year and love the bloom so I'm really excited to try these other Hige varieties. The only problem I had with the Hige varieties was that I had to hand pollinate them.

    Bookmark   March 1, 2008 at 6:02PM
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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


I'm here too. Thanks to Ronnie17 and our annual trade I have a whole new bunch of MG to try. I still have to get my MG seeds in order for sowing, so not sure all of the ones I'll grow this year. At least 50 different ones though for sure. Bold Miss Piggy is on the list for sure though. Once you have that beauty, you can't live with out it

Will post my probable list and pics sometime this week


    Bookmark   March 2, 2008 at 11:34PM
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Fran,so good to hear from you! :) I haven't grown "Bold Ms.Piggy" for a while, and I think I will grow it also. There's such a variety of MG's that's for sure. I have one called "Chocolate Explosion", it has a white back ground with stripes of chocolate coming up from the center. Maybe that one too. :) Arum

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Here's the first part of the list and pics of this years planned MG. course anything can change. more added some removed.


suigetsu 3 1/2 inch flower

seiryu 3 1/2 inch flower

gray haze 4 inch flower

hamaginga 3 inch flower

dusty mauve silk 4 inch flower

lavender mist 3 inch flower

fuji frost 3 inch flower

blue silk 4 inch flower

mt fuji dark pink 4 inch flower

unknown MG from trade supposed to be cameo elegance with plain leaves. 4 inch flower

red star 3 1/2 inch flower

gray lady 3 inch flower

mt fuji light blue 4 inch flower

emma's gift 2 1/2-3 inch flower

sydney, 2 inch flower

gray mist 3-4 inch flower

Flower shower 5-6 inch flower

unknown, was supposed to be small light blue star. first year it boomed a small, pink flower. last year it bloomed this flower. will see what it blooms this coming year 3 inch flower

bold miss piggy 4-6 inch flower

another unknown from a trade. was supposed to be red picotee, it's really pretty anyways 3 1/2-4 inch flower

This flower grew on one vine of sydney. the entire vine was covered with these flowers and the seeds are black, different from the sydney. will see what it blooms this year. 2 inch flower

solid chocolate silk 3 1/2 inch flower

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Here's the rest of the list for this year. tomorrow may be different than today though.




wrightii palm leaf

vicki harding

hattie belle

star of india


wedding bells

star of yelta

knoila black

akatsuki no beni

jamie lynn


shimmer light blue






gray sport

chahamara sport

fuji murasaki

blue frost

mt fugi light pink

plus i have the following with no pics

cameo elegance
rose silk
mt fuji purple
mt fuji dark blue
flying saucer
blue star
heavenly blue
granpa's attic, a purple
yourio from ronnie17

from ebay
ipomoea muelleri light dusty pink blooms
rose silk almost solid
rose silk mix
rose silk shimmering

And last night a purchase of burpee seeds at the local kmart.

morning glory pink star gloria de la manana estrella rosa
package says " cheery 3-4 inch blooms are sky blue with a candy pink centar star.

I googled the name pink star and got nothing. when i googled the gloria de la manana got all kinds of mg pics but none of them look like the pic on the packet.
Will have to see what it blooms.

There's the full list so far.


    Bookmark   March 4, 2008 at 5:56PM
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Fran.my goodness, you must have a beautiful garden! Thanks for posting all your beauties! Arum

    Bookmark   March 5, 2008 at 5:23AM
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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

I love the pics. That kohkan is nice, redder than I thought it would be. It's hard to find true red other than the tiny morning glories.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2008 at 3:37PM
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HI Fran - Nice photos...

Here's a few name clarifications from what I can see in the photos...

hamaginga = sazanami

red star = Yaguruma

mt fuji light blue -= Fuji no Sora

emma's gift = Emma calls these aomurasaki

Flower shower = Hana hubuki/hana fubuki

yellow = Ipomoea obscura

ishdatatatane = Ishidatami

yagurama = yaguruma

fuji murasaki = Fuji no AO

mt fugi light pink = Fuki no momo

Very nice...



    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 6:31AM
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Beautiful pictures fran. Love that chahamara sport! I'm not even close to any of you people. Here's mine.

Heavenly blue
star of yelta
chocolate morning glory
chocolate rose silk

    Bookmark   March 10, 2008 at 8:35PM
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