Tomato stems popping out of ground

uscjustoMay 13, 2013

I noticed that there are a few tomato stems growing out of the ground near the main tomato plant.

I assume this is just an offshoot growth from the main plant, since I only planted 1 tomato in the area.

My question is do I need to pull or pinch these off because they will take away nutrients from the main plant?
Or can I let them grow because Mother Nature has taken over and it's amazing to see unexpected plant life given my lack of green thumb?

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

How'd you do that? I guess you could probably remove them if you don't want a crowd. Kinda odd though how they are growing so far from the main plants???

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I don't think it's from the same plant. Look at the bottom leaves, it seems to have seed leaves, which means it's from a seed. You've got a volunteer.

If you feel you have enough tomato plant, pull it out and discard it.
If I was in your position, IâÂÂd probably just grow it out just to see what it is. If you feel it is too close to the other plant, dig it out and transplant it.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Well said, Joeroot.

Tomatoes will never grow shoots from roots.

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Hahaha, this is very funny then.

I do not have any kind of green thumb. I have never germinated any seeds (intentionally), and only plant seedlings from the local nursery.

Maybe a tomato from last year's crop ended up drying out and leaving its seeds in the soil, which I then inadvertently buried at the right depth as prepared my raised bed for this year's veggies.

Could this be possible? I don't know what seed leaves look like.
If these are indeed independent tomato plants, then I do not like the location. It's going to be very crowded!
Maybe I'll try to grow them in a 5 gallon bucket since I do not have any room in my planter box.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

uscjusto, tomato seed leaves are simple elongated ovals. See the second photo in this FAQ:

Technically these seed leaves are called cotyledons or dicotyledons; the latter simply means there are two of them. (Grass, corn, lilies, and dichondra, however, begin with a single monocotyledon.)

Dicotyledons of poison ivy and the common blue violet (violet sororia) look much the same as tomato dicotyledons. (And yes, I do find them in the same flower beds.)

Tomatoes will never grow shoots from roots.

No, but suckers can grow in the leaf axil (the area between the main stem and any leaf location) ... whether the leaf is still there or not.

So if you have stripped the older leaves and planted the seedling low, you could have suckers starting from those buried leaf locations. I have seen that happen.

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Being the novice that I am, I failed to bury the seedlings very low, and I did not bury any of the first set of leaves.

I'm thinking old tomatoes that fell off from last year's plant that happened to be buried. I'm going to dig up one of the new plants from the ground and I'll see if it is an independent plant, or a sucker making an appearance.

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Uscjusto, what variety of tomato did you grow last year? Hybrid varieties won't come true from seed, so you might not get anything you recognize. I've had the same thing happen with seeds in the garden and ended up not getting much, but it was certainly fun to grow them out and see what I got. It's too close to your chosen plant, so put it in a pot and see what you get. :)

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I grew a cherry tomato plant last year that I bought as a seedling from the nursery. Not sure if its a hybrid or what.

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