Independence day

Shaul(Israel)July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th - Independence Day to all those celebrating it.

And Yes, U.S. citizens living abroad still celebrate too.


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Every year sometime around the 4th, or whenever I'm really P.O.'d at a particularly under-performing worm bin, I honor Independence Day by blowing it up.

What I've found in a last few years is that all the "competing" bins seem to ramp up activity for about a month leading up to boom day. Then, after a brief period of mourning, production tapers off from that frantic pace a little....but never to pre-detonation day levels.

Sometimes progress requires sacrifice. Keeping them on their toes works very well in the long run.


BTW....choose a blast site in an area of your property that most could use some vermicompost help. The epicenter of the explosion will evenly distribute equal parts VC, EF, bedding materials, and some larger chunks of plastic tote debris which is easily swept up so you can fill in that 6" depression in the lawn. Great aeration technique too.

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YAHOOOOO Let 'er rip Chuckiebtoo.

What time is your fireworks planned? I will have my umbrella up........Great way to split your bin!

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