Fungi in my bins

zaleon(Gauteng ZA)July 3, 2008

Some 4 weeks ago, I used leftover apple pulp (which comes from making cider) as a feedlot. Judging from what was happening in the bin (a can-of-worms setup), I was convinced the worms was in heaven. Many of them came up from the bin underneath, to join in what seemed like a feeding frenzy. This morning when I checked the bin for the food and moisture situation, I noticed something rather worrying. Fungi was growing all over the surface of the food, because all conditions to make them proliferate exists in the worm bin. I thought about this for a little while, then decided to remove whatever I can see. I had a couple of very unhappy worms on my hands, and am very sure they are busy writing a petition to have their apple pulp back. I reasoned though, that not knowing what harm fungi can do to the worms, I have to remove them by hand since, as I said, the conditions in which fungi thrive are the ideal conditions worms need. I know that there is millions of spores still left in the bin. My question is this, is fungi harmful to worms? If that is the case, how do one remove them?

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squeeze(z8 BC)

fungi/molds are the same as bacteria to a worm, any decomposer microbe is what they eat - in a cold composting situation [what vermicomposting is] there's likely to be molds - not a problem

you're best off to not use that pomace in a mass to avoid anaerobic conditions, fermentation, and fruit flies - not to mention compost gnats .... mix it well with other material or into the bedding, and don't use too much at once or it will cause heating

I can definitely tell you all about apple pulp :)


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zaleon(Gauteng ZA)

I visited your page. You are right, I can learn a lot from you about all things apple!! In South Africa, what we refer to as cider, is your hard cider. That is what I'm making. Anyway, I feel terrible now, since I've removed food from their table. I'm mixing the rest with kitchen waste and spent brewing grains, and will feed it to them after about 5-6 weeks

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