Mandevilla Vine - is it too late to save it?

wasted_wagesJune 13, 2010

I am so bummed out! My boyfriend bought me a Mandevilla vine because he knew I really loved the flowers. He is quite in-experienced and unfortunately brought home a vine that was absoloutly infested with spider mites :(.

It had two blooms and lots of new buds on it, as well as three tendrills growing out from it. I tried for two days doing a dish-soap, rubbing alcohol and water mixture but it still seemed to be absoloutly crawling in them so I resorted to a chemical pesticide. I read the label and asked the sales person who said it would be alright to use it on a Mandevilla vine, but after spraying it within 12 hours a bunch of the leaves had shrivelled and turned dark brown/black. I am pretty sure the pesticide burnt them as they were green before I sprayed them and I don't think the mites would turn them that dark that quickly. They really looked burnt.

So as soon as I noticed the burnt on hem I rinsed the whole plant off with just water and cut the really burnt leaves off. Since then I have continued with the soap, alcohol and water mixture 2-3 times and picked off the last remaining mites. The mites have now seemed to be gone for the last couple days. But I think between the mites and burnin it with the pesticide the damage has been done. The leaves have continued to turn black and crispy and now there isn't a single leaf left that isn't going to turn black :(

that was long winded to get to my question, which is... If I now cut my whole vine back to jus above the main stem coming out of the ground, is there a small chance that it may grow back? Or has it been done in.

I hope you guys can give me some advice on how to keep it alive :)

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Cut off what dies on the plant.
Keep it well watered, put your finger in the pot to see if it is dry before watering it.
Water it til the water comes out of the bottom of the pot.
Leave it alone.
You are killing it with everything you are spraying on it.
It might live, or not, but next time, on any plant, remember, just spray a little dish soap and water on the top and bottom of the leaves ONCE a day til you don't see them anymore. Don't panic.
Good Luck.

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