Cocoon Tea Question

Shaul(Israel)July 4, 2013

Let's say I take a quantity of fresh castings (supposedly containing cocoons) and add it to a pail of water with Molasses and bubble it for 24 hrs. to make AVCT. Afterwards, I'll strain out the liquid 'cause I want to use it in a sprayer. If I return the castings (with cocoons) to the wormbin, will the cocoons still be viable and continue to grow ?
I know that cocoons are pretty hardy. They can withstand temp extremes (that would kill off adult worms) and still hatch.
Just wondering if it also works for AVCT.


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Hi Shaul and happy Independence day to you!

I have been brewing continuously for about a month now. Most of the strainings have been put back into the bin, to the squirms delight. It is amazing how quickly they gather underneath.

I have found many worms still wiggling after 30 hours in my AVCT bucket. I would think cocoons would hatch soon after being returned to the bin.

Time for a worm cocoon experiment? It will have to be someone else because I have never seen a cocoon with my poor vision.

Good luck! Pete

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