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brittneysgranAugust 20, 2013

Hello OBF'ers I guess no one took over for August so oh well we will pick back up in Sept. I have been so busy with work/market/nursing home with Mom/Church/Garden Club and the list goes on. We did quit selling at the Market so hopefully things will get better but now catching up in my flower beds is at the top of our list. I received two big orders of daylilies and am expecting one more. We dug up more grass to make beds for them. My grass is slowly diminishing but the bad thing is more flower beds-more weeds.

Anyway we do need to plan now for our Sept. swap. We had no takers for August and Sept so if anyone feels led to take Sept. please speak up.

It would be a great month to divide our plants before Old Man Winter comes knocking.

October - Annie
November - Melinda
December - Maryanne

Daylily 'Adopt Me'

Destined To See

'Peggy Jeffcoat'

'Mama Nolen'

'Joe Marinello'

'Eye In The Sky'

'Mask of Time'

'cradle'>Cats Cradle'


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

FINALLY!!!!!! I've been trying to sign in for days. it would allow me to put in my name and password, but each time i'd come to the thread, it was as if i hadn't signed in. never had that issue before.

Shirley, those daylilies are just beautiful. thanks so much for sharing. i guess august is a bust, heck, it's almost gone. September - can't believe it's here already. hopefully someone steps up to host.

school starts soon, we are finishing up our summer in the mountains. been nice to have this time. I really haven't seen my garden beds too much this year, but i sure know everything has to be moved, thinned, etc. once the weather changes and life goes back to normal, guess i'll get on that task!

hope everyone else checks in so we know where we stand for September.


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Hi Maryanne-I do keep up with you somewhat on facebook but miss everyone in our group. Yes the dreaded flowerbed clean-ups, we have had so much rain this year the weeds are terrible. I had to look up at some the other day which had to be 10 feet tall. I looked at DH and asked him how in the world does a weed get that big!!!

I hope someone steps up for Sept. and if not I will take it. It should be a good month for dividing plants and etc.

I need to take a picture of my Sweet Autumn Clematis, it is beautiful and wrapping itself all around my porch railings. I still have a few daylilies blooming. I don't ever remember daylilies blooming this late in the year.
Our school here starts this Monday. Dawson says he is not ready, he sure has enjoyed Summer Day Camp.


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hi Shirley!

It has been a busy summer! I'm here checking in. :)

I'd be happy to take September. I'm just wrapping up the MNF Aug. Swap. Kiddo's are going back to school next week and my littlest is off to Kindergarten. :( I'll need something to take my mind off that.

Just let me know.

ps. those daylilies are gorgeous! Especially Destined to See...must be breathtaking in person.

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Vina-That is the best news ever....please take Sept. I didn't know you had one ready for Kindergarten...Yes it really gets you when they go off to school for that first year.

Daylily Destined to See is a beautiful daylily and one I will always have in my gardens. Even when I add the newer ones there are always some oldies that I keep around.


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