Need advice on sage and other perennials

popedaMarch 2, 2011

I am in Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio.

We have been very busy working at my DD's house to get it on the market, and today was the first nice day I took some time off and looked around the home place.

I have a sick feeling that we let our row of sage plants get too dry. They look awful. Same could be said for our normally thriving jasmine plants. And the artemisia (sp?) Is this just end of winter doldrums or bad news?

Should we cut back the dead looking parts and see what happens? Or would that be too much to overcome?

Wouldn't you know it, we are hosting the first ever family reunion for one side of my family in about 10 days. My yard has never looked so bad.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I think some of the jasmine got bit by the cold( hardy to 10). mIne is looking awful too. I am thinking of cutting mine back. the sages might also need to be cut back. Water them good and cut them back. My salvias are just now showing growth. If you are talking about Texas sage (Leucophyllum frutescens), it is hardy to 10 degrees so it might have gotten bit, has died back a bit and needs some cutting back and recuperation time. I am a believer in cutting back. It leaves the plant with less old "infrastructure" to maintain and more energy goes to making new growth. That is my take.

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The damaged leaves/stems won't repair themselves. Cut them off. If the plant still has life it will recover. Water, fertilize and cut back anything that looks bad. General rule is cut back until you see green in the stems.
You should see new grown pretty quickly. If the plant is dead, you won't see any green in the stems, and after about 10-14 days you won't see any change. That's when you know its time to replace.

Just cleaning up your yard will make you feel better. I'm further north than you and see lots and lots of new green growth on nearly all my all my salvias that are in full sun. But I cut them back week before last. Some of the sages are coming back now too. The ones in the more shaded areas haven't started coming up yet.

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