finding worms

gmw1July 14, 2011

are members here still sharing worms? I could use about fifty to a hundred to re-colonize my bins. I know I have about thirty right now, but that's not really enough to keep the bin going, I think. Am perfectly willing to pay for postage.

Thanks in advance, even if no one has any to share..


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What have you done Gina?

I thought you were well under way a ways back. I do understand that sometime things get busy, and the lil' guys tend to be the first to suffer.


Wish I could send you a couple of thousand to get ya going again, but the post would be a killer, not to mention the 6 weeks delivery from Australia. lol.

My totes are going OK. Ten totes, one trench in the vegie bed, and a WF going flat out.

I'm no longer addicted (or so my shrink says), but now I find time for friends and family! (well, family anyway....)

good luck and be patient, they will multiple. Remember my 75 worm experiment? Narf said. :-)


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we are having our second major drought year, and the heat has utterly destroyed my bin, even with cold or frozen carbon waste thrown into the bin,and keeping them covered properly and in the shade, and this is after a major ten day freeze which must have killed off huge amounts. I was up to over a pound, and they have literally melted away.
I could cry.
But, did get the compost harvested and saved as many of the survivors as I could find, and managed to get them into clean fresh soil, with lots of nitrogen, air and carbon thrown into the bin.
Thanks for the good wishes, though, and you are quite right not to try to ship from Australia. The cold down there and the heat up here would prevent any from surviving the trip.

Oh, well.

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