Wisteria or something else?

Twitch3June 21, 2012

New gardener here looking for a suggestion from those in the know. I'd like to container plant a vine to partially cover the pergola on our very, very sunny south facing deck. Would a Blue Moon wisteria survive container life in Central Ohio? Any better suggestions? Thanks.

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I don't know if it would survive, but it would need a big pot. The plants are cheap enough, or find some seeds, they make a thousand peas every year and grow easily from seed. You get bloom about the 3rd year, surely by the 4th year if conditions are decent. Another way to get a plant is to find somebody who has one and look around it for a vine that has rooted. Good luck if you do plant one in a pot. It is a pretty tough vine from what I've experienced. Wife likes it, I think the flowers stink.

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