Wisteria macrostachya "Aunt Dee"

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)June 9, 2013

This American - Kentucky - wisteria is on a neighbour's front lawn. It is almost finished blooming now... It is interesting to note that it needed the same pruning away of foliage that obscures the flowers as my Japanese wisteria did. It's a pretty way to display the flowers I think. Next year I need to rub off all the leaf buds that appear below where the flower buds are on my Japanese wisteria. It'll be easier, I think, to remove the leaf buds before they turn into foliage than is was to trim off the foliage.

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The Kentucky wisteria I saw here doesn't have racemes as long as the one in your picture. Aunt Dee though if I remember correctly, racemes were like 8 inches long.

Beautiful wisteria though!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

The W. macrostachya are said to have racemes 8-12" long (the botanical name means long spike) and Aunt Dee is supposed to be one of the longest at 12" or so. The flowers on the one in the picture are almost finished, so the color is faded, but the racemes are fully open top to bottom so they look longer now than they did when they first started opening. Also, until she pruned off some of the foliage, the tops of the racemes were hidden making them look shorter than they do now that they are more exposed. Which variety did you see and how was it grown/pruned?

Another thought... perhaps you are misjudging the scale in the picture - that entire tree is about 4' tall! She keeps it tightly pruned to control size.

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Blue Moon is Kentucky right? The Blue Moon I saw from different nurseries here only have 5 inches racemes. Today, I went to the library to see if the 10+ year old wisteria have blooms. Yes, it does! I was so glad to see it. The longest racemes I saw was like 8 inches and it was very very similar to Aunt Dee. The scent wasn't great but not the same scent as the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon's flower scent smells like a bit of urine.

I'll upload the 3+ min video of the wisteria later. :)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I've not smelled Blue Moon - I gather Amethyst Falls is 'stinky' for most people. I haven't smelled the neighbour's wisteria so I'm not sure what the scent is. Apparently there are Chinese and Japanese ones that are also 'musk' instead of 'sweet' so it's not just the American ones that can have an unpleasant fragrance, so it pays to do some checking on scent no matter which type you get.

I'm looking forward to the video - I'm a sucker for wisteria :-)

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The blooms of my 'Blue Moon' wisteria hang down from the veranda at about nose height and give off what I'd describe as a unique smoky sweet fragrance, I wouldn't call it a beautiful scent, though not at all unpleasant and I've never detected traces of urine, nor has anyone every commented negatively about it, I guess our noses are all different ... also, the racemes are usually about 10 inches long.


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