Buying Worms in San Antonio

sundanceweb(9)July 6, 2008

Does anyone know of a place to buy composting worms in the San Antonio, Texas area? With temperatures in the high 90s if I have them shipped they will probably arrive cooked.


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I ordered some worms recently off the internet and they arrived just fine even though they sat in their little box in my mailbox all day. I didn't have single fatality that I could find. They were shipped in a cloth bag filled with worms and moist compost. The cloth bag was lightly wrapped in bubble wrap and that was inside a cardboard box. They were warm when I opened the package, but not hot.

I googled 'composting worms for sale' and viewed a lot of different sites, but ultimately picked one that was in Texas and just a short distance from where I live. I figured the less time they had to travel the more likely they'd arrive alive and healthy.

After I ordered them I called the supplier and told her that the worms might have to sit in the mailbox all day and I was concerned that they would get too hot. The lady assured me that they would most likely be ok, but that if they were not, just call back and she'd send some more when cooler weather was expected. She was also very helpful when I asked her questions about raising them and shipping them, and she told me to feel free to call her anytime I wanted to talk about worms.

My worms arrived just fine, so I sent her a little note to let her know. Cheryl

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You might try calling 653-6094.

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You can call me in San Antonio. I have worms to sell. Only redworms. No nightcrawlers, etc. My phone number is 653-6094.

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