Need vine suggestion that WON' T grow on side of house

chezzyJune 8, 2009

Growing vines is new territory for me so I'm looking for some advice.

We have a 25' x 8' arbor along the south side of our house which gets fiercely hot in the summer. Would like to train vines to grow on the arbor, which is very sturdy. The only 2 things I care about are it must be fast growing/fast to fill in in spring and something that WON'T climb up side of house, which is rough cedar siding.

-The 25' of arbor runs along the side of the house, that outside house wall being also 25'.

-Vines for full sun.

-Can only be planted along the 8' sides of arbor.

-Must be planted about 3' away from house due to front and back sidewalks leading to arbor.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I live in Texas now but was in MN for years. I grew Virgin's Bower. It grows quickly after one year of settling in and has a fragrant flower mid-summer. It is great for what you need, does not cling (has tendrils so apppreciates help getting started and then just TAKES OFF. This can be invasive so you want to put it where you can mow around it.

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