Worm Farm Tea Wattery?

dicardo83July 2, 2013

Hi All,

My worm farm has always utilised 1 tray which is situated above the castings/liquid tea tray. IâÂÂve recently noticed that my worm farm hasnâÂÂt been outputting a dark or thick worm tea for the last few weeks. Is this because itâÂÂs now winter and they arenâÂÂt eating as much or is there something wrong? The only difference may have been the lack of water being poured into it due to studying for exams...

I cleaned out the castings tray and a few spiders but itâÂÂs still virtually water coming out of the worm farm tap. I also have a spare tray available, should I install this as tray 3 and start putting food into it to increase production after tray 2 has been completely eaten?

Please view the attached image and offer any advice possible and I would be highly appreciative!

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Leachate(drainage) from a worm bin is not worm tea. This is worm tea.

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Nice clear labeling of pictures.

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Wow, that's pretty good! I wonder why my farm has reached a stand still. Do you think the worms are mostly dead? Or maybe a union has put them on strike? :)

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I propose for your consideration the liquid tea tray is collecting not vermicompost tea as vermiman showed a delicious picture of but is in actuality collecting leachate, rotting kitchen scrap juices, which is the drainage from the bin. Typically this substance is sour. What you describe sounds like the bin is actually moving into a more balanced state as the leachate becomes less sour. What you are doing is working better for the system. It is surprising that you are interpreting the system as moving recently too a less good state. Some feel the idea of the drain on the bottom of a vermicompost bin is a mark of not doing it right. Zero leachate is the goal of many. One poster has a style of vermicomposting where it is the goal as it is his method of harvesting. But that is not the case in most vermicomposting bins. At the very least an absorbent material should be incorporated as you add food scraps.

If you enjoyed "worm tea" before wait until you try real "worm tea" brewed with worm castings.

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