Propagating Virginia Creeper?

gabrielesgarden(5b)June 19, 2006

Does anyone know if you can propagate virginia creeper, and how to do it?

I have two fences full of it and I want my third fece to start growing it as well.


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I did some last year. I took a cutting about 4" high, stripped off the bottom leaves, cut the cutting at an angle at one of the points where I stripped of a leaf (the leaf node), stuck it in some vermiculite and kept in a warm area til it rooted. You may also try layering --- which would be laying a branch down and burying a portion (I think the leaves need to be removed) in the dirt (keep it watered). When it roots, you can cut it from the main plant and trnsplant it.

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Westview(Zone 8, N. TX)

Weird about Virginia Creeper. There has always been a very small plant of it in one of my beds (lousy soil), just for grins I just pulled up a piece with a few roots and stuck it in a pot of good soil with a small tree I had in there. It went WILD! Good soil and lots of water and it took OFF. the plant in the bed is still its old small self (thank Heavens) but that casual sticking of a bit of vine in the pot really paid off! Since then (only spring before last--the vine in the pot has left bits of itself here and there when I moved the pot and wherever there is good soil and water there is at least some of that Virginia Creeper, creeping up the wall!

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I have a 5x3 foot long patch of it on the ground that i would like to propagate, it seems to be rooted in 6 or 7 places. Should i trim back close to where its rooted only leaving a couple of leaves and dig up the rooted spots? How deep and wide do the roots go?

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