Growing morning glories in shade of lattice?

adopductionJune 13, 2010

I am extremely new to gardening and just bought my first house three weeks ago. The back deck has absolutely no privacy on the one side so I had an idea to construct a lattice screen and grow morning glories up it. I have started the morning glories and they are sprouting, but have not gotten the supplies for the screen yet. The pots of morning glories are sitting in full afternoon sun currently (deck is on north side of house), and it just occurred to me that when I put the lattice screen up it'll be between the pot and the afternoon sun. Does enough sun come through lattice that I don't need to worry about this, or is this a concern? We were originally going to get high privacy lattice with very small holes, but can get the "regular" lattice.

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Morning Glories are very vigorous and will do just fine on the lattice.

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adopduction - It seems your question relates to whether whatever species you have started will do well on a lattice and more importantly on the North side of the house...

What (of the several thousand different) species do you have (?) because although commonly lumped under the generalized term of Morning Glory...each different species can behave differently depending on climate and the sum total of all environmental factors.

Can you post any photos of the cotyledons and the true leaves of your young plant (?)...if so, I could likely IDentify the species that you have...

Depending on the exact species and the amount of available light on the North side of your house will determine how well the species of MG that you have will fare...

Trial and error is going to yield the answers better than any generalized 'guesswork'...

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P.S.- Most MG's do better in morning sun rather than afternoon sun...but generally the more sun the better since most MG's are sunloving plants...

Just some things to consider...

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