Need help on deciding on vines for wall

kares43June 29, 2008


I'm in zone 8, Las Vegas and need some help on deciding on what vines to plant on 2 walls that meet in a corner. The back wall area I want to cover is about 12' and the side wall is a little over 8' and the walls meet in the corner. Both walls are about 6' tall and are near a swimming pool. I have Queen palms, a meidterranian palm, cannas, and lantana in front of the walls but want a vine for the wall (it's cinderblock). I keep changing my mind on what I want to plant there. My original plan was Balboa Sunset Trumpet vine, but then I read trumpet vine can be very invasive and since the walls or neighbor walls I was worried about that but I love the color and flower of that vine. Then I saw a beautiful vine at a nusery called Royal Trumpet vine (different species than the Balboa Trupmpet) and loved that too but then I read it is a zone 9 plant so it most likely won't surrvive the winter here. My next thought is to plant Creeping fig and Morning Glory (Ipomoea Acuminata). I know the Creeping Fig will attach itseld to the wall and I thought I would attach wire to the wall for the Morning Glory. The Morning Glory would be covering the Creeping Fig until if dies out in the winter and then I would still have the green from the Creeping Fig. Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or not? If it's a good idea, how do I space the plants. Any other thoughts on vines for that area? Oh, I also already have tangerine crossvine that I just planted on the back wall (just past the 13' wall, I could get more of those but thought it might be better to mix it up a bit. Thank you so much for any input, I really apprciate it as this has keeping me up at night trying to figure out what to plant! Sharon

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