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SchatziMomJuly 31, 2013

I volunteer at a horse rescue facility in El Cajon, CA which has a large volume of horse manure. I am exploring the possibility of any interest in the vermiculture community in utilizing a large and free source of horse manure. Would love to hear from anyone interested.

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Put an ad on craiglist. We found several sources of manure in our area (Southwest). Some offered it free for anyone willing to load it and take it away. Others offered delivery for a fee. Horse, dairy and goat manure is available, fresh or composted. We ended up getting a truckload (about 9 cu yds) of aged horse manure delivered. Part of it will be fed to the worms, the rest will be dug into the garden, or used as mulch.


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Great offer! Horse manure is the ideal food AND bedding for worms. Before we got a horse 3 years ago, I had a modest wormfarm of about 12lbs. Now my herd has expanded to handle my needs. I probably have 250lbs now, and I did not buy but a pound to start.

If you want to bring me a load to Mendocino county I will trade you for worms and your problem will be solved!

Good luck, Pete.

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I may be able to get some horse manure soon and was wondering what else needs to be in the bin besides that and should it still be covered with something to keep flies and gnats out.

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Horse manure is perfect all by itself. Cover with bedding if you want to or if you intend to feed kitchen scraps along with the horse manure. Think of horse manure as the perfect blend of bedding and food combined.

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It cannot be said enough times:

Horse manure and pumpkin are what make vermicomposting fun.

If a person cannot be a ridiculously successful worm farmer using those two magic properties, it's time to remove the life support system from IT.

Were it not for those God's gift to worms, I would go back to being a Chemo-junkie.

You know, lurking around the garden center doors at Home Depot waiting for the opening to buy some more fertilizer, and weed-killer, and soil conditioner, and then all the things to neutralize the damage those products do.

Thank you, Lord, for horses and Halloween.


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When I get the manure and add moisture I understand it may heat up too much for the worms. Sure would hate to kill my worms.

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In an established bin,it will not heat up much in small quantities, especially if not mixed in.

Get the manure good and wet and put a few inches on top. Nothing more needs to be added. You can cover this with burlap or carpet to reduce flying insects. Even if it does heat up a little, the worms are safe below, and will be very happy.

Good luck!

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If manure is well aged, it will not heat up. If you are concerned about it heating up, only add it to half of the bin. That way the worms can escape to the other half if necessary.

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I suggest ads on Craigslist offering free manure and responders can load it or have the center load it with thier tractor for a donation. A stable near me offers free manure and loading options once a month Saturdays 8am to 11am to avoid volinteers and staff being interupted during chores other hours and days.

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Easy way to compost horse manure?

Put it in a little pile in the corner of the yard for about a month.

Or, nuke it in your wife's microwave. Let us know how that worked out.


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