honeysuckle wilting

SoGalJune 13, 2013

i have a lovely honeysuckle (the red/pink flower one) that i have nurtured for five plus years from a little plant about 6 inches tall. it had grown to about 6 feet in a pot that i finally transplanted it from this past march/april.

the new pot is about two times the size of the original one and at first the plant responded beautifully - putting out about a foot of growth on the top vines and shoots all along the main trunks (about three) ... and started budding.

then in the last three weeks we have had some awful weather (i am in the lower Hudson River Valley). heavy rains and the scorching heat wave and then cool damp and lots of rain including more today.

about a week ago i noticed it started wilting and it has continued. the buds are gone ,, one poor petal has remained but the rest either dropped off or shriveled up. the leaves are all drooping but there is no discoloration - all are still green , and some of the new shoots are just hanging limp.

i am at my wits end... its a very cherished plant - it is in the exact same spot it has been for five years and now this.

the pot is a porous clay pot so the rain water will be seeping out of the bottom.

any suggestions to save this beloved vine would be appreciated.

[the photo is from a few days ago - there are no petals left now. ]


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Dig the soil away from the roots and see what they look like. It could be root rot, nematodes, too dry, too wet - it would be difficult/impossible to diagnose the problem without seeing the root ball.

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