Anyone ever order plants from Burpee?

ejh805(8b)June 12, 2012

Hi everyone :)

I've been browsing the web for what I want to plant next year, and so far the best variety I'm finding that doesn't have a minimum order is Burpee.

I'm considering ordering these sweet hybrid peppers-

These Gold Sun hybrid cherries-

And these Black Krim tomatoes-

Has anyone ever ordered from Burpee, and if so how did your plants do and how was your overall experience?

And have any of you grown these varieties? How hardy are they and do they do well in containers? And how's the taste?

I'm sorry for so many questions!

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi ejh,

I have ordered plants from Burpee many times, both for myself and for family and friends. I usually order Biker Billy peppers and Brandy Boy tomatoes. This year, I also ordered Sun Gold tomatoes.

I've never had a bad experience ordering from Burpee (well, except for one time, a LONG time ago, when they sent some mystery tomatoes instead of the Brandywines I had ordered; but even then they discovered their mistake and did more than make good on it).

Except for that one incident, they have always sent what I ordered, no unwanted substitutions, and the plants arrived in superb condition. I try to order when they have one of their free shipping specials, since that saves a lot of money. Speaking of shipping, though, I should mention that I live in cental PA, and very close to Burpee,so that certainly helps with the plants arriving in terrific condition.

I have grown both Sun Gold and Black Krim in large containers (14-18 gallons), and both did great.

BTW, there are other good suppliers for a small number of plants (no minimum order), but the shipping costs can be pretty high. You might want to check out The Tasteful Garden, for example. Good luck with your garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tasteful Garden

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

There are much better places to order plants from. Check out Selected Plants linked below.

Both Sun Gold and Black Krim are often grown and discussed here and the search (by name) will pull up those discussions.

As to doing well in containers? Yes, assuming the containers are big enough - 15 gallons or bigger. Sun Gold is a HUGE plant.


Here is a link that might be useful: Selected Plants

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I had a bad experience with Burpee some years back. Sweet potato starts arrived nearly dead (dry). Most of the soil for a potted astilbe had escaped from the pot; the pot was loose in the box, not secured in any way. The astilbe was way too tiny, and I don't remember if it survived.

I will buy seeds from Burpee if it's something I can't get anywhere else, but not plants.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I only ordered plants from them once, and actually it's
the ONLY time I ever ordered plants from anywhere, but I was mad.

They had introduced what they called Red Brandywine Hybrid, this back in the 90's and I'm sorry, but I don't like OP heirlooms being converted to hybrids, and especially back then b'c it was the first time it happened.

So I ordered seeds and a 6 pack of plants, started some from their seed, started plants from my heirloom Red Bandywine and put out a few of their plants.

There was absolutely NO difference in my RB plants as compared to their supposed hybrid.

They changed the name several times and I think ended up calling Buck's County Hybrid.

I agree with the suggestion to buy plants from Darrels website it comes right up when you GOogle it. Prices are reasonable as compared to many other plant sites I know and packing and shipping are very good indeed. And a huge selection, but of course at this time of the eyar I have no idea what he might have left. You can e-mail him off his website about that or I think he may even give his phone number as well/

Another place with a good reputation is SSE ( seedsavers exchange). Go to the PUBLIC catalog at and take a look. Not as many varieties as Darrel usually has, but plants are good as are prices and shipping.

Carolyn, who thanks you for tweaking her memory about her one time plant buying experience. LOL

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