Why respond to 2010 posts ???

mherron2213July 14, 2013

I for one do not see the sense in responding to a message thread which began in 2010.

I would suggest start a similar topic


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Neither is there much point in posting the same response to four different threads in the same day. Someone had a point they wanted to make.

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No Clue

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I'm new and didn't notice the original posting date on the 2010 post I replied to. Just inattention on my part.

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It happens

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At least it shows they are using the search feature before asking the same question

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Not necessarily in this case, but some people......mainly newbies......refer back to the archives for educational purposes.

Some do it rather than repeat the questions. For the most part, all the info is there. Lots of times old timers drift away from blogs like these because, to them, most of it is re-runs.


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I've sometimes found I've enjoyed the discovery of an old post that my own searches didn't bring up, and can conclude fairly quickly whether it is a good use of my time to read through the old posts or not. Many times I don't notice the op's date, I go by the heading as to whether I should look into it.

And some posts should be bumped to keep them in the file, they're just too informational (should be a faq?) or funny to have them drop off! Like the one on how often one should wash their towels in the Laundry forum, or the story about the guy who was brewing up some alfalfa tea and capped the 5 gallon bucket tightly, stored it under his deck, and some time later it exploded.

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When I first started keeping worms as pets and workers, I scoured all the information I could. I read anything I could get my hands on, and read the archives from the oldest to the newest.

I don't see a problems to bring something up to the front if it's of interest, or if maybe they have the same issue, and it isn't resolved for them yet.

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To put the original post in context, as I recall, possibly correctly, or not, this post referred to a post or series of anciet posts that were not dragged out of the good pile but out of the bad pile. Multiple bad stuff from the same brand new poster. It may have been on an edge topic such as humanure or dog manure. Those are legitimate topics but a new poster in any forum on any topic who signs up brand new and immediately starts posting on the most edgie thing of a tropic with no background on how the special edge of the topic fits their use of the materials and us as a resource begs to be looked at with one eye closed. Sometimes people sign up, post spam and are never seen again.

Sometimes it seems as if people in a company in an effort to get their product name out there do a web search and make posts that put their product as the cure they recommend for everything from a cat fur ball problem in 1976 to a halitosis problem in 1982. This can usually be identified because they joined the site today and posted replies to 7 posts with the same product as the answer. They also post their wares without even understanding anything about the topic than their miracle discovery.

When that happens here... Fee-fi-fo-fum!
I'll have his bones to grind my bread.

The poster who protects the forum from this often looks to the outsider like Cruella De Vil. Long time posters know history and feel differently.

The wacko poster could even be a company we want to know about but their online method is poor.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

I lurk about in several gardenweb forums. Sometimes I find an old threads are like cliffhangers. There are interesting questions in old threads that are filled with interesting diverse suggestions. Occasionally I bump up an d thread to find out what happened. I'm curious if the original poster utilised advice and if so, what was the result.

Maybe I'm just nosey but my nosiness has benefits. I think a conclusion is good for archive purposes.


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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Deleted duplicate post.

This post was edited by mirendajean on Mon, Aug 12, 13 at 4:05

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