Trellis for Cup and Saucer Vine

prairiegirlz5June 28, 2010

Will cup and saucer vine grow up a fence on a trellis on its own or does it need something like wire mesh to cling to? And if does need wire mesh, how small should the wire be and how far apart can the spacing of the grid be?

I painted a wooden fan-shaped trellis and screwed it to our privacy fence. It appears as though the cup and saucer vine will twine up the support stakes but I want to be sure.

Also, I planted it from a little 4 inch square pot at the base of the trellis. It seems as though the vine stopped growing since I planted it in the ground. It is an annual here, so any help getting this thing growing will be appreciated! Thanks.

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The vine sends out tendrils with sucker-like feet that will attach to most anything. Sometimes I help the tendrils reach supports by carefully placing them against them until they take hold. No need for wire mesh.

Not sure where you live, but here in Ohio I plant it in the Spring as early as I can because Cup and Saucer blooms very late in the season, like September usually. When first planted, it will sit quietly awhile then once it starts to grow, it will take off! No need for fertilizer, only water it regularly when first planted. Mine gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon; but I don't know if that makes any difference because I have only planted it the same spot every time.

I have it on my back porch, growing up temp made from scratch trellis. Eventually it will reach the posts and spread out horizontally and grow right along the railing. Most people don't plant it because it is a late bloomer as I already mentioned, but i love the flowers.

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