Vine ID please

tanyaviola(5b)June 16, 2013

We recently bought our first house and I'm still trying to figure out what all the plants are!

This particular vine seems to be creeping up out of many of the bushes....does anyone know what it is?

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I don't recall the botanical name offhand (although it is in Solanaceae and maybe in Cestrum ) but I can tell you that it is VERY invasive and I have been pulling it out for over 15 years but the birds (who eat the seeds) bring it back...

This vine will climb over everything and up into shrubs and trees...

I am NOT an 'exotic invasive' person but I am making an exception for this vine in this case...

Pull it out by the roots , now (!)

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Thanks....just pulled a bunch out today. It's not easy. I have some growing out of a huge row of bushes along the driveway too. I guess somehow I've got to get under those and try to find the roots...?? Ick.

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Celastrus orbiculatus. The kudzu of the north.

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Dzitmoidonc - Thanks for the ID update...

I was thinking Solanaceae because of the common name of "Oriental Bittersweet" and that the genus starts with a "C" , but the main aspects transmitted are that it really is terribly invasive and it needs to be removed ASAP...

I usually stick to my 'niche' i.e., Morning Glories but sometimes venture a bit outside of my forte of Convolvulaceae...

Thanks again (!)



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