Can rat poop be composted?

BobthegamerJuly 25, 2013

I recently bought 3 baby rats as pet and was wondering if i could use the bedding(aspen shavings) to add to my worm bin with the poop and urine in it.

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I recently had this shared with me. I believe it is the kind o information you are looking for in this as well as your other post about hazards of composting.

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CAN it? Yes.

May it? Not in my bins.

Nothing personal about your pets, but I believe rats were Hitler-esque in Europe once upon a time. Plagues and stuff always followed rats around.

And I'm not very squeamish because I'll eat a nice fat squirrel every chance I get, and they ain't nothing but rats in better clothes.


Moderation, diversity, patience.

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klem1: Great Link

Bobthegamer: Not only can the bedding be vermicomposted in a large or outside set up but even any, when the time comes, rats that pass. In serendipity fair play extra worms can also be fed to the rats. Circle of life.

However, I'm with Chuckiebtoo. NIMB, Not In My Bin.

Many flow through systems have racks with various size spaces to let the vermicompost flow through. However, the vermicompost does not read instructions and stays right where it is. Now a few industrious rats let loose under the bin would have that little problem handled quickly. Tiiiiiiimberrrrrr. Nope. Foooooorrrrrre. Nope. Vermicompoooooooost Floooooood. Yes.

Maybe chickens would work too?

All I know is I'm too old to get down there to do the work.

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shermthewerm(8 PNW)

Love the pic, chuckie!

Hate rats, hate squirrels. That's why I have cats.

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priswell(9 CA)

We kept rats for years and always composted the rat litter and poop. For a long time we used wood shavings for pet litter, but later moved to a paper based litter.

Plagues and stuff always followed rats around.

There are mean, awful, mangy dogs with disease that wander in packs. There are also pet dogs that are well behaved, friendly and as clean as a dog can get.

Rats are like dogs. Pet rats are friendly and clean - usually way more friendly than guinea pigs and hamsters. While they have a tendency towards respiratory issues at times that only affects them, not humans, it's not a given that rats will carry pestilence, especially if these babies were born in captivity.

I envy Bobthegamer. While I am not in a position to have pet rats again, I loved ours, and miss them terribly. Enjoy your new pets, Bobthegamer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rats as pets - includes composting info

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To each his own. I have managed more than once to be smeared with cow poop and finish the day with little thought about it. If I had a pocket full of rat pills,I would have to shower and change clothes before going any farthur. I would guess that far more people would keep rats than snakes if they were the only choices as pets but as long as it wasn't a crate or the like I have to opt for the snake.

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