Cereal boxes and the like for my worm bin ?

MaryAnn1950July 31, 2014

I know that cardboard is good for the worms and that glossy newsprint isn't . What about cereal boxes and other food storage boxes? They seem glossy to me . Can they be used. I have a lot ! Thanks MA

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Treat cereal boxes the same way you would glossy paper. We try not to use it for the same reasons.

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My worms eat cereal boxes just as quickly as cardboard. I also feed them all the glossy paper that comes into the house, and over the years, I've not seen any problems. I believe most glossy paper just has a coating of clay on the surface.

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No, glossy paper is an inferior source of worm satisfaction compared to all the other organic things you can use.

Just because they will eventually accept it doesn't make it a good thing to put in there.

Anything you use that slows the process likewise slows your success. The worms will grudgingly and half-heartedly accept certain stuff instead of excitedly attacking things you give them that make them love you.

Carlos Danger

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A coating of clay on the paper, and often a coating of varnish over the ink. The paperboard itself is fine.

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Whenever I get bored, I peel the printed layer before shredding.

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