Question#1: Vines for chain link fence

Laurel6123(6)June 6, 2011

I'm looking for vines for two separate locations; Posting separate 'messages' for clarity.

I have a stretch of chain link (4'H x approx 60+'L) that I'd like to cover with a vine (or vines). I have very little experience with vines-limited to clematis, and they're not terribly happy (they ARE young, so maybe they'll do better next year).

In addition to the vines, I'll have a cl Cecile Bruner (unless I get talked out of it by the veteran rosarians) and a few Belindas Dream shrub roses as well (those are a definite).

I'm hoping for some advice from experienced vine-keepers.

The soil/location/etc is sandy with a regular top dressing of compost; welldrained, and rather dry, although it will be watered w/ drip irrigation. Full sun (eg, blistering. Zero shade.)

-I like the look of wisteria, hesitant because I've heard the horror stories.

-Ditto with trumpet vine. Very pretty, but too many horror stories.

Pondering silver lace vine; Perhaps an akebia quinata if I can find it? Other than clematis, I don't know much about the vines, except that I don't really want a Mafioso in my yard-a vigorous grower is okay, provided it won't eat the neighborhood.

Will Wisteria (Am, not Jap.) pull down a chain link fence or smother a rose?

I'm avoiding grapes because of the yellowjackets-I also have a fig tree in the front yard, and I'd prefer to NOT be overrun with them).

Viginia Creeper was suggested, but something is telling me it too can be a tad-overbearing, can it not? I know nothing about it, I just have a hunch.

I don't particularly care if it's evergreen-I have english ivy already in my yard (dare I say I actually LIKE the looks of ivy?) but I don't know if I am brave enough to encourage it to grow where I want roses-I suspect it may smother them.)

Any advice/suggestions/warnings of destruction?

Thanks so much!


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Another I'm pondering is honeysuckle-thoughts?


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How deep do you envision the vine? That is,is there a limit to how far from the fence, front to back, the plant can go? I have one of the Lonicera sempervirens named varieties, and it sticks away from the fence at least a foot in each direction. The native wisteria isn't quite as exuberant, but the tendrils do go several feet and have to be woven in. I also have Pipevine, which really wants to go UP, not sideways, so I'd skip that if I were you.

I think of Virginia Creeper as a wannabe thug - not up to the Asian wisterias, but not particularly well-behaved.

Would the native bittersweet work? You'd need male and female plants.

I love the sempervirens - it blooms until November, and is the most reliable hummingbird-bait I've got.

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white potato vine has white flowers and a fragrance. Clings well to fence and does crawl. Also gets bushy. Humingbirds seem to like it. Then theirs our pink jasmine growing on our chain link fence. This one I love. but having a hard time growin sideways for some reason. Does not get very bushy like the white potato. Pink Jasmine I feel has a sweet stronger smell.

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