Whee! I've got cocoons!

folly_grows(10 SF by the Bay)July 22, 2008

While fluffing the bed I saw my first cocoons! I feel so proud that I want to shout it from the rooftops -- but only people on this forum can appreciate my excitement. DH and friends would only look at me cautiously. I've seen pictures of other people's cocoons, but these are in *my* bin. Which means I'm on the right track. The guys have settled in and are starting families. They are here to stay.

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Congratulations! I guess this makes you a worm-granny. Cheryl

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Congrats! I haven't seen any myself aside from a couple that came in the bag with my worms.

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I started my worm bin about four months ago and it took awhile but now there are so many new little worms that I can't count them. I have a worm factory so the lowest tray (not counting the drainage tray) seemed to be like a nursery to them since it had the most vermicompost in it. I try not to disturb them at all because they seemed to do better that way. Now some are getting bigger and have found their way up to the tray above that I put the food in.
The first time I saw worms mating I thought one was somehow eating the other one, they seemed like they were really joined together physically.
The baby worms are very tiny and delicate looking so when I add food to the tray (I bury it under shredded newspaper)I try to be reaaly careful not to harm them.
Good Luck with yours!

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