Does anyone else ever feel completely clueless?

byrdmandoJuly 25, 2014

I am 16 days into my first venture into worms farming. They seem to be doing well...When I check on them, they seem to be pretty active and a heck of alot faster then I ever expected and lots of the food I have given them is being eaten...still,

I dont know if I am feeding them enough. I often wonder if I have given them enough bedding. I wonder if I have the bedding moist enough. I wonder if any are dying and I am just not noticing. etc. etc.

I have a suspicion that this is alot of "on the job training".

I have been reading "Worms eat my garbage" and while a great book it does not answer lots of questions specifically related to me.

I just feel pretty clueless. I am sure that will change as I glean more knowledge.

Bedford County, Va.

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I felt the same way when I first started. I have learned that these creatures seem to thrive best if you neglect them a little. I will throw some food in and may not come back to visit the bin for a week and they seem to thrive.
Now this might not be the optimal way to produce vermi but it works for me.

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I think everyone experiences this feeling at some point or another. I went through the "just when I think I have figured outs" so many times it was crazy. It is a learning experience every day. But most importantly it is a getting to know your worms. I have 3 large mega populated bins. (yes it is time to split the bins again) and each bin is different. Those worms may "LOOK" alike but they all don't necessarily act alike. I have a bin that loves to stay around the bottom. I have a bin that is fast as greased lightening to get to the food. I have a bin of pure food pigs. Stop trying to second guess yourself. For everything you do right then there will be worms that just kick up a fuss anyway. Some things you will do wrong and the worms will still survive. Enjoy the learning curve and just go with the flow. Stay tuned to this site. Trust me all you could EVER need or want to know is here. This became my "go to" site everytime I had a question or doubt. Don't feel like you have to have a worm cam going on them. They will be ok, trust me. You will KNOW when things aren't good in wormville. They will pack their bags and head for the great out of bin. Have fun. That's why we all do this.

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Hey, I feel like this too. I have had my bin for 6 weeks. I have BSF in mine and I have seen different things by different people as to leave alone or try to get rid of them. So I am just biding my time and seeing what happens

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When my son was newborn, I used to wake up several times in the night just to make sure he is breathing. Now I'm doing that with my worms, only in the day :p

I suppose eventually I'll learn enough to know what to expect and stop checking anxiously just because I want em to live :D

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