Wisteria 7 yr never bloomed

nitrofuryJune 21, 2008

I purchased a Wisteria 7 years ago and it has never bloomed. It grows really great. Now covers about 25 ft of one end of horse barn. Lots of new shoots each year. Strong main stem. Do I need to prune it and if so how many times and how far back.



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It may take 15 years for it to bloom - just leave it alone and it will bloom when it is mature enough.

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Based on the experience of others, you may try the following: prune all vines back to 2 buds per shoot in early Spring before dormancy breaks, prune some of the new growth back in mid summer, don't feed it any fertilizer unless it is low nitrogen/high phosphate, and hit the lower trunk several times with a rubber hose/rolled up magazine to stress the plant a bit. Quite often stress jump starts the plant into blooming. Good luck!

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I have a wisteria that started blooming 3 years after I planted it. I've been training it as a small standard. I cut it back a lot all season long and I get tons of bloom. I just prune where ever there's growth I don't want. Here's a pic from last year.

Other things I did from reading before I planted.(I know this too late for you, but it maybe helpful to others.) I put it in clay soil and did the bathtub effect method of planting which I would recommend not to do to anything but a wisteria, lol. I dug out a large hole and put good soil in it and planted the wisteria. This causes the roots to have a nice place to grow a short distance, but then they have difficulty spreading beyond into the clay barrier. It seems wisteria likes to be root bound. That is why people often see it blooming in a pot, buy it, and when planted out into the garden, it fails to bloom.
The other thing I've read is don't fertilize. It causes more growth and no flowers.

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