Elbourne(8b)July 1, 2013

Is sawdust from standard construction lumber OK to put in your worm bin?

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Yes, just make sure there is none included from pre-treated wood. I'm not sure about ply-wood dust. That I didn't put in the bin. Also I sort of remember somebody saying that saw dust will heat up the bin pretty fast, so don't add to much at a time and monitor the bin.
I find that saw dust gives a nice crumbly VC.

Check this out:,0,346138.story

Here is a link that might be useful: saw dust

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I gotta disagree with the decision to add sawdust to worm bins. There are a LOT of other materials that are WAY more conducive to favorable bin conditions than sawdust.

Because it's so uniform in size, when it gets wet it becomes a big clump of misery. It's also termite bait, and I refuse to put my worms in the same category as termites.

Worms don't eat houses....termites do.


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priswell(9 CA)

I like a little sawdust in my bin, but I keep it at about 25%, because it seems like the worms prefer lower numbers. I have tried it at higher percentages, but they didn't move in until the sawdust was beginning to rot a bit.

I also very much like using stove pellets in my bin if/when it gets too wet. A handful of pellets is uber dry and will soak up the liquid very fast and much better than paper.

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That was how I first used saw dust pellets, to absorb leachete in the harvesting chamber of my FT. Petsmart use sawdust pellets as bedding in their small animal cages and every now and then I p/u a bag of their used bedding. Free and I suspect loads of MO.

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