Flow through. comercial type.

TEXANConnectionJuly 19, 2014

I have seen several videos of the commercial flow throughs, and they seem to have a type of mechanical shaker to harvest the castings, built into the bottom, has any one seen its mechanism?

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Mechanical shakers are what I usually see on sifters. The flow-throughs usually have a blade or knife that is pulled along the bottom with a winch and cable to cut/loosen/remove the castings clumped. Rarely do I see a photo of this blade.

Good luck!

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Blade? Knife? Well, a bar of some sort.

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would love to see the mechanism.


This is a one in action but does not show what its doing.

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That may be the best view you are going to get. The bin is a Work Wigwam large scale bin, the same system used by Worm Power. Maybe that will give you something to search on.

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Great info Thank you had not found that one yet, lead me to another one. "The worm guy " probably the most informative i have found, on operating a 1 man commercial worm farm.


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