Flowering Vines in Central Florida

Phil21147June 8, 2014

I am in charge of the Memorial Garden at our church in Central Florida. We have a fence in the rear of the garden that I have been trying to cover with a flowering vine. The fence is about 6 feet high and 30 feet wide. The fence is covered with a metal grate it's entire wide and height. Last year, I planted 10 red Mandevilla vines along the fence. They grew like crazy until the summer rains started in July. After that the leaves turned yellow and the plants started to die. This year as an experiment I left them in the pots they came in thinking they got too much water. They started to climb the fence and the same thing is happening again. What kind of flowering vines will grow in Central Florida? I am thinking about Morning Glories. Any ideas? Thank you!

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

Coral honeysuckles and Carolina jessamines do well in the south. They're native and hummingbirds like them.

Please don't confuse coral honeysuckle with invasive asian honeysuckles.

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I find the Bignonia vine to be a 'steel' vine - grows fast, blooms all the time and almost nothing kills it! It is also native.

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I grow a type of ivy on an arch over my garden gate called "Lady Lavender".

It grows quickly, is easy to manipulate as to where you wish it to grow (I simply used bread ties to guide it across the arch after planting it on one end). It grows very, very quickly. I planted it about May 1st and it covers about 85% of my 7' arch and these gorgeous blossoms on it that resemble the "Sacred Seeds" from the movie Avatar, that are lavender and have this wonderful aroma that is unique!

As a matter of fact, next year, I'm going to put a small bee hive next to it so I can collect the honey because the flowers attract not only bees but I have hummingbirds (yes! we do have hummingbirds in Central Florida!!!). I've never handled bees but I'm the adventurous sort of person and will try everything!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Lady Lavender is a lovely thing. It is a cultivar of Passiflora, so strictly speaking it is a Passion Vine, not an Ivy, ie Hedera species. This matters if the OP goes shopping and wants to be sure of getting the correct plant.

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