Giving away worms

kellyhughesJuly 3, 2012

Any wormers here in the NOLA area? I am looking to find someone to give my worms to. :-((((

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Why give them to a wormer as they probably do not need them. If you must give them up, try to find a new wormer!
Where is NOLA? Northern Los Angeles?

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Maybe contact a local library to give a tiny talk about vermicomposting. Bring along an information sheet on the topic. Samples of bedding. Tiny samples of food. Divide your bounty of worms between those who are interested in starting a bin. Share your telephone number or e-mail addy if they have questions. When you are again in the situation to have virmicomposting they may share the worms back again to you. I am so glad you are sharing your hobby of worms with future fellow vermicomposters. More than the worms they may need your advice and experience.

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Didn't think about Freecycle. Thank you!
NOLA is New Orleans. I do not have any friends who are interested in my worms :-((

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