Just unloaded the greenhouse ...

roselee z8b S.W. TexasMarch 19, 2014

Just unloaded tons of stuff out of the greenhouse and am making the announcement that I'll be giving away any tender plants after the fall swap. The only thing I'm planning on keeping in there are four ferns, and five of the ten bougainvilleas I had. I'm telling y'all so you won't let me go back on it this fall ... sqtm (smiling quietly to myself).

Oh, and I'll keep the two big succulent hanging baskets as long as Bob is willing to move them, but they'll have to go too someday. I haven't lost any of my love for gardening, but decided to concentrate on drought and freeze tolerant plants from here on out

How about you? What are your plans for the garden to deal with the drought, heat, freezes, work, age, health, design, convenience or ... ?

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Oh, yeah--really cutting down on tender & moisture loving plants.

Moved from sw of Houston a few yrs back & haven't set up a greenhouse. Lost all my gingers *sob* & many other tropicals.

Still, probably for the best. Keeping a few family heirlooms, e.g. .Granma's kolanchoe, Mom's jade plant, a split leaf Philodendrun the family has hauled around for 40+ yrs.... a few old African violets, a burro's tail. And a few weird, useful or neat tender plants like aloe vera, henna, spilanthes.

But, yeah, I feel I should give most of that stuff away to folks that have the climate or greenhouse environment to really let them thrive & enjoy them.

I enjoyed natives before there was emphasis on planting them & I love & collect roses. But it's a huge, enormous, BIG deal to excavate a big planting hole in the caliche for them. Still collecting, but really taking the time to dig deep, amend the soil & lay on the much. Plus, I conserve every little native flower in the area before digging--the 4 nerve & fleabane daisies are so pretty & grow 10x bigger replanted in the amended mulched soil of the rose area.

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We're cutting back on our plants, too.... but then again, we didn't have that many, other than our Plumerias. I've made a switch to Hoyas. They don't require much watering. The one and only that I had before did not make it through the Winter.

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