Can I grow morning glories on hollyhock stalks?

susantexoma(7b TX)June 7, 2009

My hollyhocks, after blooming beautifully for the past month or so, are now being decimated by rust. I've removed the affected leaves (which means a LOT of the leaves), and so I now have many hollyhocks that are looking pretty bare and ugly on the lower part of their stalks. I just had an idea -- what if I grow morning glory vines up the affected plants, so I get MG blooms and leaves on those lower parts instead of ugly bareness? Would the hollyhocks be sturdy enough to hold the MG vines? Would it hurt them or could the two plants live in harmony? Thanks for any help you can give.


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I don't see why not, will probably turn out nice. I grew a I. nil on my salvia mexicana last year & it worked out nice.

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I've grown MG's on hollyhock stems as my hollyhocks also look like &*%# later in the season.

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