Not working out so well!

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)June 20, 2013

DonâÂÂt think my little experiment is going to work out very well; itâÂÂs hot today but not as hot as its going to get. My front porch faces south west and the porch has NO shade what so ever so I build a raised bed and across the front, but up a trellis all the way across the front porch and buried 6 self -watering large flower pots down in the mulch, plan was that by burying the pots that would help with the pots and dirt not getting to HOT and I planted purple hyacinth bean seeds and cypress vine, and oh almost forgot the two moonvine plants, all have gown beautiful and are as of today about 2 to 3 feet tall or more and looked beautiful early this morning and with the heat today close to 90 all are wilted and look PITIFUL, oh IâÂÂm sure once the sun goes down they will not looks so bad.. I might as well have put the money the trellis and the raised bed cost 1,400.00 into buying large shade trees last fall and been done with this little experiment! The July heat will be 100+ ainâÂÂt no way these vines will survive that kind of heat .

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Hang/staple some shade cloth up on the porch roof and let it hang down to the ground. This will keep the hot sun off your plants, yet allow them enough light to grow.

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How often are you watering? Self-watering pots only have a small reservoir that holds water and in hot weather that can be depleted still need to water thoroughly on a routine basis. Depending on the size of your raised bed, I might have preferred to plant directly into the soil. Growing in containers is not nearly as simple as many folks think :-)

btw, your post would be much easier to read if you used punctuation......

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