American Wisteria question

Lynn NevinsJune 9, 2013

I had just one flower on my two-year old Wisteria, and it looks like over the past week, due to wind and rain, that pretty much the entire flower fell away little by little. Is this common with the flower itself very delicate?

My Golden Columbine which was in fact more exposed to the wind and rain is still standing fine...


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IME, the flowers are very susceptible to the vagaries of the weather - mine got hammered this year from the windy rainy week, then the ungodly hot week; it was clearly not a combination they liked as they, like yours, fell apart quickly. They aren't long-lasting flowers at best, not like a columbine's flower is, but they usually last longer than they did this year. So, chalk it up to the weather and wait for next year (also known as the Cry of the Gardener).

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