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MamaGrizzzJuly 26, 2012

Hi all... I've been prepping for my worms for about 2 months now. I have 2 bins set up (out of old paint bucket like containers (never contained paint). Three levels, holes in bottoms, very bottom is a smaller bucket to catch liquid... Here's my problem. I HAVE NO WORMS!!!

I've searched everywhere for local worms and can't find any farmers :( The one we did have (that I could find on Google) moved to California.

I ordered 1lb from Sun Joe almost a month ago, but the package got lost... thanks FedEx... So I was issued a replacement, and now FedEx is refusing to ship it.

Just wondering if anyone on here is from my area and has worms they'd be willing to sell or give away. Or if anyone knows reliable shippers or farms that can ship fast and keep the worms cool enough to not die.

I talked to the farmer that moved to Cali and he said to wait on shipping because of how hot AZ is and the worms would likely come from a much cooler climate and wouldn't adjust well. I have very little patience unfortunately, and I don't want to wait until September to order worms.

Any ideas?

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FedEx can just hold right on to that box until they are ready to ship it. he he.

My advice: Bokashi until September. It will handle the kitchen scraps until your worm population builds up or gets shipped.

Maybe put a "want worms" notice in an online local newspaper type thing.

To entertain yourself until September try kombutcha. Almost as much fun as worms.

Or try BSFL Black Soilder Fly Larve. With the heat they should be the composter of the hour.

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I live in Sierra vista and can share some of what I have. Not sure when my next trip up to Tucson will be, but I go every couple of weeks. Less than a month ago had a pound shipped here for my worm inn, no problems. Sun Joe is a vendor I would not recommend as my prior experience was horrible when I tried to stock up my RM bin.

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@ equinoxequinox I tried googling Kombutcha... looks like peanut butter... Not sure what you're talking about.

@ bluedood Let me know when you come up, I'd be willing to pay. Supposedly my second batch is in Tucson already, but no one is communicating so no one knows where they are.

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I will be going to Phoenix on Wednesday morning, but stopping in Tucson. Worms would not like being melted in the car for five hours up in Phoenix. If I drive up Tuesday night and stay with family I will let you know, otherwise it will be the following Monday when I have off.

Either way we can figure something out. No need to pay, I will harvest out some from my RM bin on Monday and see how many I can come up with.

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kombucha Instead of worms making vermicompost from kitchen waste a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) makes makes a sparkling beverage from sweet tea. Both require time and an organizim guided to do a specific task thus are similar hobbies.

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@bluedood can you email me when you plan on coming? I don't get updates from this site, and don't want to miss you.

My worms came yesterday (the replacement package) and they're all dead :(

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You need to go into your account preferences to allow other users to send you email. I have set mine now so you can send one to me.

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